Protecting Your Workplace Rights

It is illegal for a company or business to discriminate based on race, gender, orientation, nationality, age, disability or family status. Workers also have a right to minimum wage and overtime. All U.S. workers are protected by state and federal laws that shield them from any retaliation by an employer should they file a complaint.

At Bronnberg & Henriquez PC, our skilled employment law attorneys are tireless advocates for the working men and women and the teachers of this country. We can help you.

We Will Not Be Intimidated

We are willing to litigate cases when reasonable settlements cannot be reached. An employer may violate state and federal laws if it:

  • Fails to pay the correct minimum wage
  • Pays the "training wage" or "youth minimum wage" to the incorrect people or for too long
  • Fails to pay overtime
  • Classifies an employee incorrectly (salary or hourly employee)
  • Pays an employee cash without other benefits
  • Deducts too much for tips
  • Fails to pay employees for "off the clock work"

Salaried Versus Hourly Employees

If you are not a salaried employee, you are eligible for overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). If you are salaried or if you have management responsibilities or other high-level duties for your company, you may not be eligible. If you believe that your employer should be paying you overtime, we can help you pursue an action against the company, including filing a claim under the FLSA.

We Represent Teachers At 3020-a Hearings And In Discrimination Complaints

Teachers may experience discrimination, especially based upon age. For example, a school or district may replace tenured teachers with younger teachers. We understand how hard our teachers work to educate and prepare our children. We work diligently to advocate for teachers' rights with the district and the National Labor Relations Board.

At-Will Employment And Wrongful Termination

Unfortunately, some employers may lay off or terminate an employee for discriminatory reasons but claim that it was for no reason at all. Often that employee has endured on-the-job harassment.

You have the right to bring a wrongful termination charge against your employer if you have sufficient evidence. You may also bring charges against your employer if:

  • Your employer breached your employment contract in order to dismiss you.
  • You acted as a whistleblower and were retaliated against.
  • You refused to perform an illegal act as directed by the employer and were terminated.
  • You took time off, such as for example military service or Family and Medical Leave Act, and lost your job as a result.
  • You were victimized due to your sexual orientation, race, religion, age, nationality or family status.

Unfair Performance Evaluation

Unfair performance evaluations may be used to count toward a negative performance review and termination. Part of our advocacy is to assist you with reinstatement through your human resources department.

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