Workers’ Compensation and COVID-19

As an attorney specializing in Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability, I find many client and people questioning what they should do when they get sick. What is more interesting is that so many people that do get sick have a sense of shame and quite often fear and anger. I am far from a Psychologist but from a Legal perspective, here are a few important to do’s.


1. Stay home and take precautions to protect others around you.

2. If you believe you may have contacted COVID-19 at work, send an email, fill out an incident report, notify a supervisor as soon as possible.

3. Get tested and save a copy of the confirmation.

4. Contact our office so we can fill out the necessary forms to get your claim filed with the State and your employers’ Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carrier.

5. Go to and file a C-3


Remember that you may be entitled to compensation for your lost time, you will be medically covered for your condition and any possible lingering side affects relating to COVID-19.

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