A Guide to Social Security Disability Law & Eligibility

If you have become disabled and no longer able to work, the Social Security Administration offers programs to relieve some of your financial burdens. However, applicants must first prove they meet the eligibility requirements established by Social Security disability law before receiving benefits. It’s often confusing, which is why many residents throughout Nassau County, Queens, and the Bronx, NY, turn to the attorneys at Bronnberg & Henriquez PC for quality guidance. Below, they offer a basic overview of how the SSA evaluates claims using a list of medical conditions versus GRID rules.

Listed Impairments

First, the SSA will review is if your medical condition is on their list of impairments. Conditions are broken up into different categories, and each has its own set of requirements that must be met for a person to qualify as disabled. If you meet the criteria, you will be awarded benefits. However, if your situation doesn’t, the claim will proceed through the next steps of the determination process. 

GRID Rules & the Possibility of Other Work

During the next stage of the process, the SSA determines if you can perform any other type of work other than what your previous duties called for. They use the GRID rules to make a decision. According to Social Security disability law, this involves assessing your age, education, and past job responsibilities and matching it against the exertional limitations imposed by your condition. If after considering all these factors they establish you cannot adjust to another form of work, you will be able to collect benefits. 

Determining eligibility is rarely ever cut-and-dried, and it’s common for claims to be denied at the initial stage of the application process. To increase your chances at a favorable outcome, work with a legal team who is familiar with Social Security disability law. The attorneys at Bronnberg & Henriquez PC have been helping clients get the compensation they deserve for over three decades. They will also provide effective representation during the appeals process if necessary. Contact their Bayside office at (718) 714-8542 or their Garden City location at (516) 580-2095 to discuss your case. You can also visit their website for more information on the topic.

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