What to Expect at a Disability Hearing

Many people who apply for Social Security benefits get denied during the initial stage of the process. Fortunately, the guidelines set by Social Security disability law allows claimants to file an appeal. The next step involves requesting reconsideration; but, if the application is rejected here too, the claim progresses to a disability hearing. To increase your chances of getting approved, know what to expect and how to properly prepare and present your case. 

What Takes Place at a Disability Hearing?

What happens at a disability hearing typically depends on the applicant’s medical condition and the reason their claim was denied. However, certain processes are necessary to comply with Social Security disability law. After being sworn in, a judge will question you about the disability and how it impacts your ability to work. Your attorney will then speak on your behalf. Medical experts may be asked to attend and explain your condition, as well as what job duties, if any, they believe you can perform. Once everyone has given their testimony, the judge will thoroughly review the evidence before issuing a written decision. It can take up to 30 days to hear whether a claim was approved or denied. 

How to Prepare

Although disability hearings are rather short, typically lasting 15-60 minutes, and held in a conference room rather than a courtroom, it’s still imperative that you take the proceedings seriously and come prepared. Gather updated medical records and obtain a supportive statement from your doctor. Have your attorney go over questions the judge is likely to ask, so you can practice how to answer. Also, under Social Security disability law, you have the right to request your entire case file from the SSSA before the hearing. Take advantage of this and check the documents to see if there are missing medical records or errors in the original application review.


Understanding how disability hearings work ensures you’re prepared to represent your interests. Moreover, hiring a legal representative increases your chances of receiving benefits. The attorneys at Bronnberg & Henriquez PC specialize in Social Security disability law and have successfully guided numerous Nassau County, Queens, and Bronx, NY, residents through the appeals process. Call their Bayside location at (718) 714-8542 or the Garden City office at (516) 580-2095 to schedule a consultation. Visit the website for more information about their background and expertise.

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