Construction Site Accidents Can Be Devastating

Construction workers face some of the most devastating workplace injuries. This is because they do dangerous jobs on work sites that are not always as safe as they could be. Non-workers can also be victims of construction accidents if a construction site manager or owner fails to use proper shields and barriers on the site.

If you have been injured at a construction site, whether you were working there or not, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. At Bronnberg & Henriquez PC, we will review your claim and advise you regarding your workers’ compensation or accident- related claim.

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Many construction sites involve deep pits for building foundations or tall structures that have not been secured for non-workers. These hazards should be closed off to people who are not working on the construction site, with proper fencing or signage that keeps people out and warns of trespassing. Construction site injuries range in severity and type.

They include:

Even seemingly small soft tissue injuries can be debilitating and lead to chronic conditions. In these instances, an experienced construction site accident attorney can assess whether or not it is in your best interests to pursue a claim.

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At the New York firm of Bronnberg & Henriquez PC, we have a reputation for obtaining well-documented evidence regarding construction violations and proof of negligence to present your claim in court. We will work diligently and tirelessly for you to get the care you need and the collect maximum compensation.

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